Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nail Polishes - From Ittybit's Body Care

My nails and toe nails are something that I like to keep manicured as much as I can.  Unfortunately I can't pamper myself at a nail salon as much as I like so what's the next best thing?   Do them myself for free.  I go through my line up of colors and pick the one I would like to have done for my toes for the next week.  It could be pink one week, green the next week and blue the following week. I like using the brighter colors on my toes so they stand out a bit more.  I usually put lighter colors on my finger nails. I also like to use the Sally Hansen sheer beige gloss polish as a top coat so it protects the bottom coat and I can usually go a little longer before having to redo them.  Now I'm ready to go.  I noticed a product that Sally Hansen carries.  It's called the Nail Art Pen. I haven't purchased it myself yet but plan to.  It has a fine tip so it's easy to use and control, mistake proof so if you do make a mistake you can use a wet cotton swab to correct the mistake without messing up the polish work, water based and they have 8 fabulous colors.  It costs $7.99. So if you like putting little flower designs on your finger or toe nails after polishing them, like I do, this might be the way to go.

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