Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Handcrafted Christmas Goody Bag - Crafting Project

Finished handcrafted Christmas goody bags. 

                                          Lots and lots of purple colored leaves.

                                        Supplies that were used to create the bags.

WHEW!!!  Boy, did I stay busy over the Christmas season.  I had a lot of handcrafted projects that I did for family and friends that I did this year and did little baking.   But all-in-all everything turned out great.   So here's the start of some of the projects that I did that I wanted to share.  My handcrafted Christmas goody bags.

I decided to pull out the scrap booking paper, white paper bags, glue, white pom-poms, silver paint (not pictured) and make my own leaf template out of card stock to create my own Christmas goody bags this year.  This was a simple project and I would have to say that cutting the leaves is what took some time.  I took a black fine tip sharpie pen and traced all the leaves on to both the dark and light colored purple paper. I then started to cut each one out.  Once I had all of them cut I put those to the side. I then took the white pom-poms (my fingers got a bit dirty using this technique) and rolled them around in a cup that had some silver paint squeezed in to it.   I laid them out onto a paper towel so they could dry overnight.   To fold the leaves in half I used my flat metal clay cutting tool which made the folding so much easier.   I placed some glue on one of the flat sides of the leaves and attached it to the bag.  I let the leaves dry overnight.   I then dabbed some glue on each silver painted pom-pom and attached a group of three on different areas of the leaves.  I was very pleased with the final outcome of the project.

Happy Crafting,

Until my next blog post...

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