Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Featured Artist - Orangethyme

                                                       Photos via Orangethyme

I stumbled across Orangethyme as a "Featured Seller" on the Etsy home page one day.  When I went to go visit the shop I was quite impressed with the variety of lip balms that this shop has to offer.  It not only offers lip balms but lip tints and perfume oils as well.  What made this shop stand out to me (personally) was the fact the shop owner, Rachel, made a comment about always having to reapply lip balm to her lips to keep them moisturized.  Sound familiar?   She had mentioned that instead of using beeswax she uses cocoa & shea butters, candelilla wax, natural and essential oils and alkenet root.   From the moment that I received my first shipment of lip balms (including the Blackberry lip tint) I could tell a huge difference once I tried my first lip balm.  I also was very pleased with the two perfume oils that I ordered, Vanilla/Rose and Pink Sugar.  It's nice to throw one into my purse and use it later in the day.   Rachel has recently added more "NEW" products to her shop as well as a kid's lip balm line.  I look forward to ordering more products from Rachel since she is a pleasure to work with.

Samples from Orangethyme's Shop:

1. "NEW" Clementine Cupcake Moisturizing Lotion (4oz bottle) - $8.00 each  
*differnent scents to choose from

2. "NEW" Lip Shimmers  (Vintage Bronze, Autumn Leaf and Pixi) - $4.00 each

3. Perfume Oils (different scents to choose from - 3oz bottle) - $8.00 each

4. Lips Balms (different scents to choose from) - $2.50 each

5. Perfume Sample Trio - $6.00 

6. Mini Moisturizing Body Spray (.75oz)

7. Cotton Candy Lip Balm (from Kid's line) - $2.50 

8. Lip Tints - $3.00

9. Gift Sets - $13.00 

*Gift Certificates are also available

Here's a little insight into the owner of Orangethyme:

1. Tell us a little about yourself
My Name is Rachel, and i live with my Husband and Daughter in Eastern Washington.
I work full time in a day job at a local hospital, and when i come home i get started on anything and everything Etsy. I wish that i had the entire day to work on it but for now i have to squeeze it in where i can. I illegally re-list items at work, and check my convo's when i can. I'd love to be able to be in a 'quit your day job' interview sometime soon.
And you never know, if my boss finds out that i use Etsy at work, i just might be doing that interview!

2. How did you become interested in creating?
I have been interested in it since i can remember. I love it, my mind never stops. When i get an idea it's impossible for me to sit on it, i have to make it happen and immediately.

3. What is your inspiration?
Colors, Smells, other peoples inspiration and i have to say my friends. I listen to what they like and look for and i branch out from there.

4. What is your favorite piece you've made and why?
I think that changes often. I have a hard time nailing one thing down as my favorite, but i am quite proud of my Blackberry Lip Tint. It's unique that it has lovely color, and it's all natural. Most tints or lipsticks have a Mica Powder to tint them, and i use Alkanet Root. It limits how broad i can make my tint line, but I think it's worth it. It's my perfected lip balm formula so it's super moisturizing but it's got some color. Best of both worlds. Right now for winter, a little of both is pretty great!

To see all of Rachel's great products, check out Orangethyme.

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