Thursday, December 30, 2010

JoAnn's Fabric Visit

I enjoy shopping at JoAnn's Fabrics as much as I enjoy shopping at Michael's Crafts.   I just get lost in the sea of fabric, thred, buttons and the ideas that just keep streaming through my head that sometimes I have a complete overload.  WHEW!!  So needless to say it's always so hard for me to leave either one of these stores without something in hand.  What's a crafter to do?  So when I was in JoAnn's the other day I found these really fun fabric quarters.  I have some ideas for how I will use them.   Stay tuned to see the finished products. 



  1. So, how is this project going? I always leave with something new when I go to Michaels or JoAnns. It's just so hard to go there and not buy anything....

  2. Hi Estylo! Unfortunately I haven't started. There's been a few things that needed my full attention on. I'm currently working on my next giveaway for Valentine's Day. Stay tune for that. I can't wait to get it posted. Hopefully I can start on this other project soon.