Thursday, July 4, 2013

Homemade peppermint cocoa foot scrub - Ittybit's Body Care

So I've been wanting to make a foot scrub for sometime now to simply pamper my feet. I've come across some really great recipes but when my sister sent me a recipe for one that she wanted to try I jumped at the chance.  Here's the link to the recipe but I've already started tweaking it a bit. I know I will be using different essential oils as well.  This was a starter.  

Here are the ingredients I used: kosher sea salt (instead of coarse sea salt- which was used in the original recipe), coconut oil, cocoa powder, mint leaves, peppermint essential oil.  

It's recommended to do this at night but I decided to do this after my shower.  I used a foot pumice paddle that I purchased at Target.  I simply used it on my heels to remove any calluses. After that I just scooped a bit of the scrub from the plastic container that I placed it in and started applying in a circular motion.  All I have to say is OH MY GOODNESS...something orgasmic was definitely going on with my feet.  They felt so silky smooth and rejuvenated. I've never applied a scrub to my feet before but after this experience I will be doing this a lot more.  

I made a batch to give to my sister as a special gift the other day and waiting to hear back. But I'm sure she will be enjoying very much. 

       Packaged homemade peppermint cocoa foot scrub and pumice paddle. 

Until next time...happy foot scrubing