Saturday, July 30, 2011

Handcrafted Queendom Clothing Polymer Clay Key Chain

                              Queendom Clothing Handcrafted Key Chain 

So besides the Queendom Clothing pendant necklace I also created this key chain.  It measures 3 1/2" long which includes the key ring. It's great for your keys or I attached it to the carabiner clip that hangs from my purse.   This is for sale in my Etsy shop. 


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured Item - Wooden Men's Shave Set with Cigar Box (an Etsy Shop)

                                 Photo via Dirty Deeds Soap Shop

I found this really cool shop while surfing Etsy.   This kit includes the following:  a modern wooden soap dish, handmade beer soap, brush, and shave card with instructions on how to have a classic shave. All of these items come together in the gorgeous upcycled wooden cigar box. 

Their shave soaps are french milled with natural ingredients and are detergent free. Beer Soap Ingredients: Coconut oil, sodium cocoate, sodium palmitate, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide, sucrose, triethanolamine, water, beer, fragrance, food/cosmetic grade dyes. 

Check out their Etsy shop to see more of Dirty Deeds Soap great products.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hand Sewn Make Up Bag

                                Front view of hand sewn make up bag. 

                                      Lining inside of make up bag.

For the last few weeks my current make up bag has been falling to pieces on me.  It's started to shred on the top by the zipper.  So anytime something catches those openings it starts opening it wider.'s time for a new make up bag.  I pulled out the sewing machine and cut some crushed velour that I had on hand.  I bought the black and white polka dots fabric a while ago from Joann's.  The flower is from a package of scrap booking stickers that I also bought from Joann's a while ago.  The black leaves are made from felt.  I used some light green yarn to do some light stitching to make them stand out a little more.   

And voila!!  Here's the finished product.  I absolutely love it!  The finished size is 6" h x 5 1/2"w.    If you are interested in owning one for yourself feel free to email me at:

Until my next blog...happy sewing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

TOH Recipes - Ittybit's Kitchen

                                Chicken Skewers with Cool Avacado Sauce 
                                           (picture via TOH)
                                      Click here for recipe.

                                                     Mango Shrimp Pitas
                                           (picture via TOH)
                                      Click here for the recipe.

                                                Chocolate Cherry Cake Roll
                                            (picture via TOH)
                                       Click here for the recipe.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I enjoy eating.  I wish I had the job of these world class travelers that all they do is go to other countries and try different foods.  Don't get me wrong...there would be things that I wouldn't cross the line with...such as bugs, alligator, snake...I can't do that.  But some of the Food Network shows that I watch I literally find myself gaining weight watching these shows and then find my mouth salivating at wanting to eat some of these dishes!!  I may not be able to travel to these wonderful places and try some of their excellent and inviting dishes but I can certainly try and replicate them at home as much as I can.  I enjoy baking so why not take it a step further with food.   So upon dreaming of these wonderful dishes I came upon some wonderful Taste of Home recipes which absolutely look delicious and won't take long to make.  

If you do decide to make them you will need to let me know the outcome and what you thought from your end! 

Until my next blog...happy recipe/dish making!

Featured Item - Fairy Pendant Chandelier by Gingerschoice (an Etsy shop)

                                        Photo via Gingerschoice

I absolutely adore this chandelier!  It's the type of decoration piece that I would love just to have.  It would be an adorable piece to either add to a new baby girl's nursery room or a little girl's room, sewing/craft room or even a walk-in closet.  It's such a beautiful piece.  This little pendant chandelier is layered with luxurious full lead cut crystals and is adorned with dainty porcelain roses. It will light up any dark corners with its magic sparkle!

Color: White.
width: 5 inches across the widest point.
Height:9.5 inches from top of the loop to bottom of the crystals. 

What a great piece!

Until my next blog...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Wave" Handcrafted Polymer Clay Pendant

                                           Over view shot of wave.

                                                  Side view shot. 

I not only enjoy the beach but I also enjoy surfing when I have a chance.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to design a necklace that represented a wave.  It's all handcrafted using polymer clay.  The main focal bead is created using a chocolate colored polymer clay and the wave and the border have been created using a beige colored polymer clay.  I used a pearl color mica powder to color the inside of the wave itself.  Overall I'm very happy with how this piece came out.  

If you are interested in this piece please feel free to email me at: 

Until my next blog...

"Dreaming of Yellow" Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

                              Overview shot of polymer clay pendant.

                                         Side view shot.

I handcrafted this pendant using a soft yellow polymer clay.  I used light pink polymer clay for the top and bottom flower but I used a brighter pink mica powder for the top and a micro pearl mica powder for the bottom pink flower.  For the purple flower I used a lilac mica powder. I used a moss colored polymer clay for leaves and vines and scattered little tiny petals throughout the pendant itself.  This pendant is the size of a quarter.  If you are interested in this pendant please email me at: 

Until my next blog...happy polymer clay jewelry making. 

Recycling Old Jewelry Pieces

                     What the earrings looked like before I dismantled them. 

                                            Ring on my finger. 

                                                Side view shot of ring. 

                                        Front view of ring.                

I enjoy finding old jewelry pieces at thrift stores or garage sales and recycling them in to some beautiful pieces that I can wear.  My mom had given me a bag of old jewelry that she had found and of course I couldn't let it go to waste.  So I went to a local bead store and bought a few of the adjustable ring bands with the flat bottoms.   Inside this bag of goodies that my mom gave me was a set of dangley earrings which included four of the same bead that you see above.   I used my jewelry wire cutters to detach the earrings from each other and then attached them to the adjustable ring setting that I bought.  I really liked the finished product.   I have a couple of these in stock for purchase.  If you are interested please feel free to email me at: 

Until my next blog...happy jewelry making!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green and Pink French Fabric Memo Board

                             Handcrafted French Fabric Memo Board.

                                French Fabric Memo Board Installed.

                               Close up of hand painted wooden knob.

I needed some type of board to hang notes, ideas, pictures and things that mean a lot to me in my craft area.  So instead of hanging a bulletin board and painting it I remembered seeing a french fabric memo board from a DIY segment.  So I turned on my computer and did some research.  I'm a sucker for anything "PINK."  So what two great color combinations than green and pink!  So I made a quick run to Joann's and found the perfect green and found the perfect pink ribbon.  

A while back I had bought four wooden knobs from Lowe's with the idea that I would need them for a project similar to this down the road.  So I got to work painting the wooden knobs your basic white and then painting some simple pink flowers with little green leaves and vines.  To finish off my flower I decided to glue a clear flat rhinestone in the center.  I sprayed a clear coat of protective seal on all four.  I put these to the side and started on the board.  With the extra help of my wonderful hubs he helped me a little with the stapling and the layout of the ribbon.   Needless to say I was so excited on how the board looked at that point and the knobs hadn't even been attached!   But once the knobs were attached I absolutely loved it. 

Once my hubs had installed in my craft area I couldn't help but just stand back and look at it. The final size of this fabric board is 15" tall x 46 1/2" long.

Until my next blog...happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

Full view of dragonfly cupcake tree
Close up shot of the dragonfly cuppies
Handcrafted felt lettered birthday sign
Handcrafted birthday card for my sister

Since my sister likes dragonflies I decided to design the cupcakes around dragonflies.  I also used the blue and brown color from the cupcake holders to create the party theme.  I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind birthday banner so I purchased some brown card stock and blue felt from Michael's.   I then simply threaded some thin light blue ribbon through punched holes in each corner of each card.   I then cut out a pink dragonfly and used that to place between the "happy" and "birthday."   I was very happy with how everything turned out and my sister was very surprised.  

As for the cupcakes I created all the dragonflies using royal icing. I first piped the head and then piped the body.  I let those dry over night.  Then I started working on the left side of the wings the next night so that they could completely dry.  I used some foil to prop them up so they would have a slight curve to them.  Then the next night I did the same thing when I created the right side of the wings.  I then propped up the right side as well.  Once everything was dried I used silver edible powder to created the shimmer on the winds.  I added a little bit of lemon extract to the silver edible powder.   I was also very happy with how the decorations came out. 

The party was a success as well as the dragonfly theme.   I also cut some large sized flowers using dark brown and blue construction paper to hang around the house as well as pink and silver dragonflies.  The birthday girl was certainly surprised and she enjoyed every she should. 

Until my next blog...happy crafting and baking. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Impression Handcrafted Polymer Clay Earrings
Queendom Clothing Company Pendant Necklace
First Impression Handcrafted Polymer Clay Necklace Pendant
Dragonfly Dream Handcrafted Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace
Pink and Beige Flower Handcrafted Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

These are some of the new things that I've been working on.  A few handcrafted polymer clay pendant necklaces and a pair of earrings.  The two items that are not currently in my Etsy shop are the pink and beige pendant and the first impression pendant.  If you are interested in either of these two please feel free to email me:

More new things will be added as they get finished. 

Until my next blog...happy jewelry making. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SNEAK PEEK!!! New item coming soon.

         Handcrafted green polymer clay pendant with black and gold flowers.

If you are interested in this piece you can also email me at: 


Queendom Clothing

About Queendom Clothing
  " Queendom Clothing was inspired by a young special needs pittie who was  sitting on death row in an Orange County shelter just a few short months ago. Queeny is only a little over a year old...She was used for breeding...Starved...Seperated from her babies and then discarded like a piece of trash...Her puppies were never found...

 Shortly afterwards she was hit by a car and picked up by the Orange County Animal Control who transported her to the shelter where she sat awaiting her death with a broken leg for a week...24 hours before her last review thousands of people on Facebook pulled together to try and save her life after hearing her story...Resources were combined and within 24 hours with only 5 minutes to spare we were paying her pull fees...3 days later Queeny walked out of the shelter alive...  

  Through Queeny many other innocent lives have been saved...She is still in my care and her story has inspired me to dedicate my life to saving others just like her...This website is an extension of that dedication...

  Setting up this website affords me the opportunity to continue my dedication while still trying to keep the lights on...Supporting this website allows me to continue to support Queeny and many others like her...Thank you for your continued support..."

Please check out my Etsy shop to purchase a Queendom Clothing Pendant Necklace to support this great cause. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

NEW!!! Turquoise Summer Flower Handcrafted Polymer Clay Earrings

These turquoise summer flower handcrafted polymer clay earrings will be for sale soon in my Etsy shop.


Magnolia Flower


I absolutely love magnolia flowers.  The look, the way they smell, how they blossom.  It's all very beautiful.   So yesterday when my hubs and I took the dog for a walk there are a lot of magnolia trees located by some commercial buildings.  Sometimes when we are lucky enough and we'll find one low enough to where we can grab it so I can bring it home and place it by the sink in front of the window or in my craft room near the window.  Unfortunately they don't last long for more than a couple of days but I enjoy it while I can.   Just another one of God's beautiful creations.