Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green and Pink French Fabric Memo Board

                             Handcrafted French Fabric Memo Board.

                                French Fabric Memo Board Installed.

                               Close up of hand painted wooden knob.

I needed some type of board to hang notes, ideas, pictures and things that mean a lot to me in my craft area.  So instead of hanging a bulletin board and painting it I remembered seeing a french fabric memo board from a DIY segment.  So I turned on my computer and did some research.  I'm a sucker for anything "PINK."  So what two great color combinations than green and pink!  So I made a quick run to Joann's and found the perfect green and found the perfect pink ribbon.  

A while back I had bought four wooden knobs from Lowe's with the idea that I would need them for a project similar to this down the road.  So I got to work painting the wooden knobs your basic white and then painting some simple pink flowers with little green leaves and vines.  To finish off my flower I decided to glue a clear flat rhinestone in the center.  I sprayed a clear coat of protective seal on all four.  I put these to the side and started on the board.  With the extra help of my wonderful hubs he helped me a little with the stapling and the layout of the ribbon.   Needless to say I was so excited on how the board looked at that point and the knobs hadn't even been attached!   But once the knobs were attached I absolutely loved it. 

Once my hubs had installed in my craft area I couldn't help but just stand back and look at it. The final size of this fabric board is 15" tall x 46 1/2" long.

Until my next blog...happy crafting!

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