Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Things On My Mind...

As the holidays came and went and time just breezing by I tried to find some time to craft and be creative.  I was able to make a few goodies for family and friends but not as much as I would have hoped for.  But as I started to think more about things that I would like to try and accomplish for the "new" 2012 year I felt there were things that I really want to try and focus on. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in the past or not but I'm a HUGE animal lover.  And after losing my white boxer, Munch, about two years ago it has changed me.  I remember the day that we had to put him down.  A decision that absolutely killed my husband and myself.  And any of you who own an animal and love him/her to the depths of your soul and heart know exactly what I'm talking about.  I literally felt a part of me die that day.  I can't say that I've healed completely because in my heart I know I haven't.  It's gotten easier over the last two years but I miss my boy very much.  I still have days where I do find myself getting teary eyed.  But the memories that he gave us (in the short nine years we had him) will remain in my heart forever.  Love your animals, tell them you love them, pet, kiss, hug, play, cherish, protect them, take them for walks, show them the same unconditional love that they show you.   So with that being said that's where I feel I need to change a few goals this year.  I enjoy sharing all the creative things with you on my blog but I also feel I need to share the wonderful furry babies that are out there as well.  And I hope you don't mind.  

I would like to share different posts with you regarding different stories that I read relating to animals.  I know some people own smaller dogs so I would like to include clothing companies that supply outfits to keep them warm (especially in the winter) or treat shops for them. Or other things that relate to our wonderful pets that we love.  Or even ways to adopt these wonderful animals instead of purchasing them in pet stores.  

Today I came across a wonderful blog on Facebook.  It's called Lucky Dog Rescue Blog and it's been created by Ashley Owen Hill and it's wonderful.  If you have a few minutes I suggest dropping by and checking it out. 

I hope you enjoy some of the new things to come and continue to visit to see what I'm up to. 

Until my next blog...