Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lemonade Meringue Pie TOH - Ittybit's Kitchen

                                   Photo via Taste of Home

I don't know about you but I absolutely love eating a piece of lemon meringue pie.  There's just something about the first bite.  It's almost like there's a big party happening with my taste buds.   The mixture of pie crust, lemon and the meringue.  I personally haven't made my own lemon meringue pie I usually run to Marie Calender's and buy them but now I have reason to try and make one on my own.  And now that spring is in full force it's time!   I found this great lemonade meringue pie recipe done by Kay Seiler in the April/May '08 issue of TOH. 

Until my next blog...Happy Dessert Making!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Time in Full Bloom - Ittybit's Kitchen

                                   Photo via Taste of Home

With Spring time in full bloom (even though our weather has been so crazy lately) I've already noticed the beautiful colors and the wonderful aromas of flowers blossoming.  There's nothing better than sitting on my patio and enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and watching the humming birds drink water from our patio fountain.  I also enjoy feeling the warmth of the days sunshine with the light cool breeze filling the air. 

Here's an excellent refreshing dessert idea to satisfy those taste buds without that guilty feeling.  This wonderful creamy lime sherbet with candied flowers dessert comes from Betsy Hedeman.  This recipe was found in the April/May 2008 issue of TOH or you can click here for the recipe.

Until my next blog...Happy Dessert Making 

Asparagus-Fennel Pasta Salad from TOH - Ittybit's Kitchen

                                  Photo via Taste of Home

I personally enjoy eating asparagus.  Especially when my husband prepares his special asparagus side dish.  But while flipping through my Taste of Home (April/May 08 issue) for more dinner ideas I came upon this wonderful dish titled "asparagus-fennel pasta salad" by Linda Lacek. 

Until my next blog...Happy Cooking

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Earring Designs For Sale In My Etsy Shop

 Crystal Dream Earrings

Dragonfly Earrings

Emerald Dream Earrings

                                                        Fun Time Earrings

Here are some new earring designs that are for sale in my Etsy shop. 

Until my next blog...Happy Fashion Passion

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Handcrafted Green Velour Cross Body Purse - Sewing

I handcrafted this green velour cross body purse from scratch as a gift.  It has black fabric on the inside and includes a magnetic snap for easy closure. The black strap is approx 48" long and the bag measures 6 1/2" x 9" inches.  I've attached a wooden carved pendant to the front and some blacked beaded fringe to finish this cute purse. I will have a similar bag (with a different pendant) for sale in my shop soon.  So keep an eye open.

Until my next blog...Happy Sewing

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Featured Artist - Noella Beauty Works

                                                Noella Beauty Works
                     (all pictures supplied by Noella Beauty Works)

I found Noella Beauty Works while browsing the Etsy treasuries.  Noella Beauty Works is your one-stop shop for PURE, NATURAL Mineral Makeup. Offered in NBW is an extensive line of mineral eyeshadows, foundations, concealers and blush at affordable prices.

Noella Beauty Works only supplies mineral makeup with the finest, purest ingredients and each and every shade is custom made, hand mixed/shaken, jarred and packaged all by Jackie (the face behind Noella Beauty Works)  If  you don't see a color you were looking for, or want something a little darker/lighter/more glittery  and so forth just let Jackie know.  She would be more than happy to make it happen.  

In NBW makeup you will NEVER find:
-Synthetic Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrances

Samples from Noella Beauty Works:

1. LIGHT - Pure & Natural Mineral Foundation $9.99

2. Redness Corrector - Pure & Natural Mineral Concealer $5.99

3. Raspberry Sugar - Pure & Natural Mineral Blush $7.49

4. Stunner Secrets - Medium size bag $16.00 and the Mini size bag $7.00

5. Finishing Touch Setting Veil - Pure & Natural $7.49

6. Pink Smoke - Pure & Natural Mineral Eyeshadow $4.99

Here's a little insight into the owner of Noella Beauty Works

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Jackie. I'm 21 years old and I'm currently going to school for Visual Communications. I live in a little apartment with my boyfriend, Aziz and our two cats, Scout & Marissa. I spend the mornings in school, the afternoons and evenings in my studio working on Etsy and I also work at a coffee shop once a week.

2. How did you become interested in creating? 
I've always been creative. When I was about 7 I got a Muppets Craft Book and I used to sit at my little craft station that I made in my parents garage and craft all day long. I made a two story dollhouse- hand cut shingles and all- out of cardboard. I then became interested in jewelry, which I played with for a little while. I grew bored of that and had found out how to make my own cosmetics and that became my new hobby. That's how Noella Beauty Works began :)

3. What is your inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from the changing seasons and fashion. I like to look through magazines and find outfits that inspire a color or collection as well. I'm also inspired by anything in Sephora. I imagine myself having my own little booth there one day (I can only dream!)

4. What is your favorite piece you've made and why?
My favorite product of mine is my Pine eyeshadow. It's a color I wear all the time and probably my favorite color that I've ever created. 

I'm very excited to try out some of these wonderful products from NBW.  I have sensitive skin so it's nice to know that these products are made with the finest ingredients as well as being affordable.  

To see all of Jackie's great products check out Noella Beauty Works.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shopping On A Budget (Part 2) - Ittybit's Fashion Passion

Ok so my visit to the thrift store and garage sale shopping proved to be quite successful.   Giving myself a budget I was able to walk away with some great finds.   The beige ruffled top (Coldwater Creek) I spent about $7.00, the brown colored cord jacket with fleece lining was bought at a friend's garage sale for about $3.00, the v-neck black and white print shirt was $3.00 and the sage green with white ruffles shirt cost $7.00.  I got four great items for $20.00 and in great condition!   Not to shabby.   Like I mentioned in my last "shopping on a budget" post don't be afraid to go thifting or garage sale shopping--you just never know what you might find at a great price that won't break the pocket book.   All you need to do is wash the items. 

Until my next blog...Happy Fashion Passion

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Decorative Compact Mirrors - Ittybit's Fashion Passion

While I was in Michael's the other day I came across these beautiful compact mirrors.   Each mirror is 2 7/8" inches.  I thought these would make great little gifts to go inside goody bags for any upcoming birthdays for my female family members as well as my girlfriends.

Until my next blog...Happy Fashion Passion

Friday, March 4, 2011

Breakfast Granola Yogurt Recipe (TOH) - Ittybit's Kitchen

                                      Photo Via Taste of Home

I enjoy eating breakfast but sometimes there are mornings where I can't sit down to a big meal that consists of eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes or waffles.  Sometimes I like having a cup of coffee or tea along with a bowl of granola and yogurt.    I received this wonderful breakfast granola yogurt recipe from Taste of Home the other day and I wanted to share it.   Click here for the recipe.

Until my next blog...Happy Baking

You're the PRINCESS!! by Filigree Creations - One Of My Favorite Etsy Treasury

'You're the PRINCESS!' by FiligreeCreations

Blushing in Pink

Pretty Sparkle Pink Bow...

Mysterious pink and ste...

BOGO SALE When the sky ...

Delilah - merry mobile....

White and Pink Lampwork...

2 little lovebirds sitt...

Embroidery Hoop wall ar...

Baby pink curly mulberr...

Large sparkling powder ...

Romance with a Bow - Cr...

Gemstone artisan handma...

Cote d'Azur Purple ...

SALE - 20% off - Up on ...

Vintage Porcelain Hinge...

Wedding Cake Topper - S...

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