Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recycling Old Jewelry Pieces

                     What the earrings looked like before I dismantled them. 

                                            Ring on my finger. 

                                                Side view shot of ring. 

                                        Front view of ring.                

I enjoy finding old jewelry pieces at thrift stores or garage sales and recycling them in to some beautiful pieces that I can wear.  My mom had given me a bag of old jewelry that she had found and of course I couldn't let it go to waste.  So I went to a local bead store and bought a few of the adjustable ring bands with the flat bottoms.   Inside this bag of goodies that my mom gave me was a set of dangley earrings which included four of the same bead that you see above.   I used my jewelry wire cutters to detach the earrings from each other and then attached them to the adjustable ring setting that I bought.  I really liked the finished product.   I have a couple of these in stock for purchase.  If you are interested please feel free to email me at: 

Until my next blog...happy jewelry making!

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