Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Queendom Clothing

About Queendom Clothing
  " Queendom Clothing was inspired by a young special needs pittie who was  sitting on death row in an Orange County shelter just a few short months ago. Queeny is only a little over a year old...She was used for breeding...Starved...Seperated from her babies and then discarded like a piece of trash...Her puppies were never found...

 Shortly afterwards she was hit by a car and picked up by the Orange County Animal Control who transported her to the shelter where she sat awaiting her death with a broken leg for a week...24 hours before her last review thousands of people on Facebook pulled together to try and save her life after hearing her story...Resources were combined and within 24 hours with only 5 minutes to spare we were paying her pull fees...3 days later Queeny walked out of the shelter alive...  

  Through Queeny many other innocent lives have been saved...She is still in my care and her story has inspired me to dedicate my life to saving others just like her...This website is an extension of that dedication...

  Setting up this website affords me the opportunity to continue my dedication while still trying to keep the lights on...Supporting this website allows me to continue to support Queeny and many others like her...Thank you for your continued support..."

Please check out my Etsy shop to purchase a Queendom Clothing Pendant Necklace to support this great cause. 

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