Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lip Glosses - From Ittybit's Body Care

I'm sure there are a lot of ladies out there that like to keep their lips moisturized as well as looking pretty.  Who wouldn't?   I'm a huge fan of lip glosses.   I occasionally like wearing lip sticks but I would have to admit I favor lip gloss a lot more.  I like the Bonnie Bell line.  There's three shades that I really like: Dream Cafe, Latte Love and Vanilla Bean.  They also have a clear gloss that has tiny little sparkles in it called "sugar kiss."   I also recently discovered another company called e.l.f. which stands for eyes, lips and face has a shade called "fairy" which falls under the brown tone family which I really like.   One day while browsing the make up isle in the 99cent store I was pleasantly surprised to find the Bonnie Bell brush-on shimmer shear line with some of the shades that I use.  What a bargain!   So I grabbed a few.  Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret also carry great lines of lip glosses as well.  

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