Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3-D Cake Collection (Spa Themed Cake)- Ittybit Delights Kitchen

3-D Spa Themed Birthday Cake
Front View of Spa Themed Cake
                                                 Close up of feet.

Over the next few days I will be sharing with you some of the 3-D themed cakes that I've done.  I've enjoyed designing and bringing these edible art pieces  alive.  It's always been exciting for me to be able to see the look on the faces of people when they see the finished piece.  That's truly priceless to me.   And knowing that this was created just for them.  I like thinking outside of the box and doing something different.   Something that is unexpected.  Or having someone say "you can do that with cake?"  Anything is possible with a little creativity.   I also enjoy being able to give tips to those of you who would like to experiment with something yourselves but are a little afraid on where to start.    So please...if you should have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. 

So without further ado....

This first cake is the spa themed cake.  The main body is made out of regular cake but shaped to make a bath tub.   It was a 2-layered cake.  I then frosted it so that the fondant had something to grab on to and wouldn't just fall off the cake. I used some clear piping gel and tinted that light blue to make the water and used some frosting to make the bubbles for the tub. The square pattern that you see as the border around the cake was done use regular white fondant and a small square cookie cutter.  The base around the tub, the claw feet and the water faucet all were created by shaping white fondant and being painted with gold edible luster dust.  The head, feet, rubber ducky, purple slippers and toothpaste tube were all made out of colored fondant that I tinted with Wilton gels. The little pink shag carpet was made using royal icing (which dries hard but it can still be eaten) and tinting it with a light pink.  The base board on which the tub sits was created using four pieces of cake cardboard.  To make sure these boards would not shift or move around I took some tape and placed it on each of the four sides from top to bottom.  Once these were secured I then applied some of the Wilton clear piping gel on the top of the first board to act as a glue to keep the fondant from falling off.  I then laid the white fondant on top of this.  I then made a honeycomb pattern for the floor.  I tinted some white fondant with black and rolled that out.  I used the small square cookie cutter and started to cut little black squares out.  Once I was finished with my floor pattern I took the small square cookie cutter and started to cut out square patterns from the main floor.  Once I removed the white square shapes I would replace them with the black ones that I just created.  To finish this piece of edible art I used the clear piping gel and tinted it with some purple gel colorant to write "Happy 13th Lauren."  I used black ribbon to go around the base of the cake board to dress it up a bit. 

Overall I was very happen with the finished piece.  I hope you enjoyed the "spa themed cake."

Until my next blog...happy cake making!

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