Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3-D Cake Collection (Curious George) - Ittybit's Kitchen

The next 3-D collection cake is Curious George.  I did this for friend for both her grandson's birthdays.  This was a pretty easy cake to make.   The bottom cake was a 12" inch square which was a white cake with banana cream filling.  This was covered with blue tinted fondant then decorated with long red rectangular shapes and balloons that I hand cut from different colored fondant. These were attached by using a little bit of water.  The hat portion was a 9" inch 2-layer cake that was shaped to look like a hat.  This was a regular white cake and the filling was regular butter cream and fresh sliced strawberries.  It was then covered with yellow fondant.  I placed two balloons and with black colored butter cream frosting I wrote both boys' names as well as "Happy Birthday."  The brim of the hat was made out of a large round cake board which was also covered with fondant.  I also used clear piping gel on the cake board to act as a glue to help the fondant stick.  I handcrafted a yellow rope to become the trim piece that would finish the hat.  The monkey head was done using the 3-D bear pan from Wilton.  I tweaked it a bit so that it would resemble a monkey face.  As for the ears I made a mixture of fondant and gumpaste then tinted it with a little brown.  Please note that the ears were done a few days in advance so they would have time to dry.   I also inserted toothpicks prior to letting them dry completely.  As for the eyes I used my round cookie cutter and cut out some black and white fondant circles.  The monkey face portion was also done using lightly brown tinted fondant and then I tinted some butter cream with dark brown to create the fur.   To create the ripping effect all I did was cut the top of the hat into the triangular shapes and insert the monkey onto the dowel.  The dowel was also screwed into the base of the plywood cake board to ensure that all the cakes wouldn't shift. 

Until my next blog...happy cake making! 

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