Thursday, August 4, 2011

3-D Cake Collection (Dr. Dew Cake) - Ittybit's Kitchen

Front view of Dr. Dew Cake
Top view
Nutrition Facts Label
Bar Code which has wedding date on it.

So the next cake in the 3-D collection is the Dr. Dew cake. The story behind this cake is that the bride and groom liked Dr. Pepper and Mtn. Dew.  So they wanted to combine the two.  This was another fun edible creation to make.  This stood approx 16" inches tall.  I used round cakes to create this. And if my memory serves me correct this was a 5 layer cake.  The main body of the cake was wrapped in fondant and then it was airbrushed to match the color of the Dr. Pepper can but the decorations needed to reflect the Mtn. Dew can.  All decorations were made using colored fondant.  The nutrition facts and the bar code both were created using sugar paper.  The bride and groom also submitted information so that the nutrition facts could be customized for them.   The bar code also includes the date of their wedding.   I'll be honest....although this was a pretty simple cake to do covering it with fondant was a bit difficult and I needed my husband to help me roll it out and cover it.   But overall the bride and groom were very happy with it and it was definitely the talk at their wedding.

Until my next blog...happy cake making!

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