Saturday, May 7, 2011

Help Save Our Furry Babies

Paw print with black and purple beads
Paw print with black and green beads

I've always been an animal lover ever since I was very young.  I had a dog, hamsters, birds, and turtles.  I had a dachshund growing up and her name was Tootsie.  That was my buddy.  I even tried adopting a dog but my mom told me no.  Which completely tore me up.  My husband and I were lucky to add a new addition to our family nine years ago.  Our furry baby was a white boxer that looked so much like "Petey" from Our Gang.  He was such a great dog.  Then the unthinkable happened....last year in March we had to put our boy down.  Complete devastation.  I don't think I've ever felt so much pain of losing something in my life that day when we had to say our good-byes to him.  I couldn't stop crying that day.  Even now thinking about him it gets emotional for me.  It's been just a little over a year and the hurt still seems to creep up and cripple me at times.  That's a void that unfortunately will never be filled.  But since then my husband and I decided to rescue a dog and give a home to a furry baby that needed love, attention and to have a life that they should have.  We love our new boy very much and he's adjusted very well. 

Over the past few months I've seen and read some pretty intense things concerning animal abuse not only in the United States but in other counties.  And to be honest it's completely mind blowing.  I feel things need to change in the court system quickly in order to prevent anyone from hurting animals the way I've seen in pictures.  I won't get into details but I felt one way that I could help is to raise some kind of awareness as well as money to help local rescues and different organizations that are out there trying to save these animals. So I've decided to create some hemp styled bracelets with handcrafted clay paw beads and colored beads.   These will come in 6", 7", and 8" sized bracelets but they can also be customized as well.  A portion of the proceeds made on each bracelet will be donated to local rescue groups or other rescue organizations out there.   A couple are available in my Etsy shop for sale now. 

And thank you for showing your support in ending animal abuse.



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