Sunday, January 9, 2011

Handcrafted Christmas Tree Cards

                                      Lots of goodies with Christmas Tree cards.

                                              Handcrafted Christmas Tree cards. 

                                                            Supplies used

I had fun creating these cards on my own. 

I used the following supplies: 
Silver scrap booking paper
Light purple scrap booking paper (not shown)
Purple swirly decorative scrap booking paper
Gray felt
White pom poms
Glue (Elmer's and a glue stick)
Silver paint (not shown)
Plaid Mini Pop Dots (peel and stick type) 

When I purchased the purple swirly paper I noticed it was a bit flimsy.  So I decided to get some light purple paper which has the same thickness as card stock and used a glue stick to adhere each piece together.   Now I had the thickness  I needed.  Next  I made a triangular template for both the small and large Christmas Trees.  I then traced a bunch of small and large trees onto the back of the light purple paper that I had just glued (using the glue stick not the Elmer's) to the swirly purple paper.  Then cut all those out.  Once I had a field of trees I set those to the side and started to cut the silver scrap booking paper to the sizes that I would need to accommodate for each large and small tree.  Once my cards were done I set those to the side and then started to cut out little gray felt rectangles for each tree.  Once I had my gray rectangles felt shapes done I put those to the side and then started to work on my pom poms with the silver paint.  I pretty much did the same thing that I did for the wreaths project.  I squeezed some silver paint into a plastic cup and rolled the white pom poms in them with my fingers until they were all coated.   I let the pom poms dry overnight.  Now I'm ready to assemble.  I started out by gluing (with Elmer's) each gray felt piece first.  Once I had all the gray felt rectangles glued I then started on my tress. I wanted to glue my gray pieces first so this would give me a better idea on where to position the tree.  I placed three mini pop dots (the peel and stick type) on each corner of the trees then positioned it onto the card.  I set all these to the side and the next day I used some glue (Elmer's) to attach the painted pom poms.  Viola!  Cards are finished.

These didn't take me long at all to do.  Plus they are OOAK (one of a kind) and each person that received one really enjoyed it!  

Happy Crafting, 
Until my next blog...

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