Saturday, January 22, 2011

Featured Artist - Vivian's Kitchen

                                 Photos via Vivian's Kitchen

I stumbled across Vivian's Kitchen one day while shopping on Etsy.   What a great shop to stop by to enjoy all the sweets you would ever want without having to worry about calories.   At Vivian's Kitchen they have a unique and artistic way to preserve and display your special day forever.  Whether it's your wedding cake or special occasion cake.  They also offer gift certificates good towards the purchase of a custom cake.  Each design is made with a lot of love and care.   

Samples from Vivian's Kitchen:

1. Felt Cupcake Valentine Pink Red Stripes And Cherry - $42.00

2. Felt Tea Sugar Cookies Pink And White Cherry Blossoms - $24.00

3. Felt Vanilla Cake With Lavender And Purple Violets - $115.00

4. Felt Valentine Cake Ornament Milk Chocolate And Vanilla Pink Rose - $18.00

5. Felt Cupcake Valentines Day Red and Pink Roses - $46.00

6. Felt Cake Ornament Chocolate Cake With Cottage Pink Roses - $32.00

Here's a little insight into the owner of Vivian's Kitchen

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Angela Benge, a substitute teacher who has a crazy passion for creating cakes and cookies out of felt. I am lucky enough to have two super sweet daughters, Vivian and Lillian and a darling husband who support all of my madness and big dreams. I absolutely love what I do and hope that it makes people smile.

2. How did you become interested in creating?
I have been sewing and creating for as long as I can remember. My mother was a seamstress and always let me have free reign of her sewing room. I have a passion for creating and have tried just about every medium, but I always find fabric is what I love the most. I could spend hours in the fabric store. I started making felt food for my daughter's to play with and loved creating one of a kind cakes for their bakery. This in turn led to my first felt replica wedding gift cake and Vivian's Kitchen. Plus, I LOVE to eat cake, I just don't like baking.

3. What is your inspiration?
My work is almost always inspired by color. The felt is hand dyed and I experiment a lot, so I always end up with an amazing array of shades. They just always seem to tell me which direction I should go and what they want to become. 

4. What is your favorite piece you've made and why?
My favorite piece I have ever made would have to be a felt doughnut. It was the first design I created out of felt and I am a sucker for the real ones. And it's a good thing the cakes are made of felt because I would want to eat them all.

To see all of Angela's great products, check out Vivian's Kitchen.

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