Friday, May 17, 2013

All Natural Lip Balms

So I decided that I wanted to try and start making my own lip balms/glosses as well as cuticle and nail balms and at some point lotions.  I wanted my lip balm product line to be all natural and chemical free.  So I started doing research on the natural ingredients that I wanted them to have. I read that coconut butter has many health benefits and I could make it myself at home since it includes one ingredient: shredded organic unsweetened coconut. All I'm doing is blending it in a mixer.  Super I thought.  So off I went.  Once I had my coconut butter and soy wax I was ready.  But my excitement turned quickly into disappointment. One thing I noticed once I made my first batch with soy wax it really didn't solidify the way I wanted it to. It almost was a bit too creamy.   Back to the drawing board.  I then decided I would eliminate the coconut butter keep the soy wax and combine it cocoa and Shea butter. From there I can add any essential and flavor oils that I wanted to.  With the addition of Vitamin E, jojoba, Avacado oil, sweet almond get the idea. 

So now that I had the first batch experience under my belt I decided to try a few more. The three that I made after this came out much better and get my stamp of approval. 

Each of the three include: soy wax, Shea and cocoa butter and a few more ingredients which I will list next to each description. 

Lower left:  Chocolate and peppermint scented.  This smells absolutely wonderful.  I added a few organic chocolate chips to this one.  

Middle: Raspberry flavor scented.  I added some mineral mauve eyeshadow to give a little color.  

Upper right:  Chocolate and Raspberry flavor scented.   This also smells wonderful.  And yes...I also added a few more organic chocolate chips to this one as well.

Again, these are natural.  Each one has been poured into a .25 oz clear pot. 

Those of you who may be interested in purchasing these or other scented lip balms I hope to have these listed in my Etsy shop soon.  If you are not huge fan of the lip balm pots I will also have them available in the lip balm tubes as well.  These little clear pots were readily available at Michael's and I was ready to start making them.

With there being so many wonderful flavor oils out there I will be working on other delicious and tempting smelling combinations.  

As mentioned above I plan on making cuticle and nail balms and hope to add lotions to my new product line as well.

                                                            All natural lip balms

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