Saturday, April 16, 2011

Featured Artist - MJS Paper Creations

                                                MJS Paper Creations
                      (all pictures supplied by MJS Paper Creations)

I discovered  MJS Paper Creations while browsing the "suggested shops" section.  MJS creates some really great paper flowers, tags, and cards. 

MJ's Paper Creations specializes in handmade cards with matching gift tags and handmade embellishments . Most items are 1 of a kind, but MJ's can make duplicates of some items if you see something you’d like and you want more than 1 of that style, or you’d prefer a different color. MJ's goal is to please, and pride themselves on good customer service. Some of MJ's products use their own handmade paper that they make by recycling junk mail, candy wrappers, can labels, colorful envelopes and more.
They also make sets of gift tags which might be great to include with your products as a thank you to your customers. 

Samples from MJ's Paper Creations: 

1. Handmade Flower/Recycled Paper Birthday Card and Tag Set - $3.50

2. Perfectly Pink Peony Embellishments set of 6 - $6.50

3. Pocket Card and Tag - $2.75

4. Shabby Chic Azure Flowers set of 6 - $6.50

5. Spring has Sprung Gift Tags - $4.00

6. Vintage Look Magnolia Flower Embellishments Tangerine and Yellow set of 6 - $6.00

Here's a little insight into the owner of MJS Paper Creations:

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Mary and I was a long-time corporate manager until I decided that I wanted a less stressful life. I now happily work part-time in a completely different (and less stressful) job, and I finally have the time to figure out what to do with my ridiculously large collection of craft tools and supplies. When my husband and I moved to the sun in Arizona from the beautiful Northwest, one of the benefits was that I got a huge craft room – and I spend long hours, which seem like minutes, creating.

2. How did you become interested in creating?
As a kid, my sister was “the artistic one”, so in perfect sibling rivalry fashion, I stayed as far away from art as I could. Then one day, I decided to take an extended break from my corporate life and thought I’d try my hand at some crafting to explore my artistic side. From day one, I was hooked! First I made cards, and then soon I became known, in my circle of family, friends and co-workers, for my gift wrapping. I even had a small gift wrap business one Christmas. I still needed/wanted to do something with all the supplies I’d accumulated, so I took up scrapbooking, which only scratched the surface of my supply problem. My sister told me about Etsy and I’m having fun, not only making things for my shop, but I’m having great fun doing Etsy shopping too!

3. What is your inspiration?
Paper, paper, paper of all kinds inspires me. As odd as it may seem to some, I’ve always loved paper. Sometimes I just look through my stash and the ideas start flowing. Other times, just perusing a magazine (which is, of course, paper), I get ideas.

4. What is your favorite piece you’ve made and why?
My favorite piece is usually the last one I created. Creating something new/better is the fun part for me, so I am always working on something new. If I had to pick just one thing from my shop, I suppose my current favorite is the vintage-look vanilla magnolia embellishment set.

To see all of MJS great products check out MJS Paper Creations.

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